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Screw Diameter mm 26 30
Injection Pressure kgf/cm2 1496 1123
Injection Capacity cm3 55 74
Max. Injection Weight(PVC)
specific gravity 1.35
gr 68 90
oz 2.4 3.0
Injection Rate cm3/sec 46 62
Screw Rotation Speed r.p.m
Nozzle Stroke mm 150
Nozzle Contact Force tf 2.4
Clamping Force tf 25
Clamping Stroke mm 215
Max. Open Distance mm 360 / 410
Min. Mold Height mm 145 / 195
Dimension of tie bar (H x V) mm 400 x 150
Hydraulic Ejectior Force tf 0.7
Ejector Height mm 28
Drive Motor kw (hp) 3.7(5hp)
Heater kw 2.5
Oil Tank Capacity L 140
Dimension of Machine
(L x W x H)
L(m) 1.4
W(m) 1.2
H(m) 3.1
Weight of Machine T 1.0
*Figures shoen herein are subject to changs without notice.
*Screw and clamping force can be design as customer's request.

Y-V Series

  • Vertical clamping / vertical injection, suitable for general electrical plugs, electronic components and other small insert molding.
  • Two (three stages) temperature control / injection speed / non-stage adjustment of back pressure, etc., more suitable for parts molding of precision plastic.
  • Quick mold locking / low pressure low speed to mold lock, a special safety design to protect the mold.
  • Lower mold fixing/upper mold movable; with fine positioning for molding piece in mold. The device is equipped with hydraulic ejector for easy removal of the product.
  • Electric-control fittings / hydraulic fittings using domestic brands in precision, durability and low noise. The Clamping force is 15TON ~ 35TON with PLC programming electric-control computer in single- comparison- pressure control or computer in full ratio (compare voltage; compare current); there are three options available to customers.
  • A single sliding mold 1S and two sliding mold 2S can be added, enabling the operation to be more efficient and safer in production.