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Y-15V-Ⅱ(Cylinder Block)
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  Y-15V  Y-15V
Cylinder Block
Screw Diameter mm 22 26
Injection Pressure kgf/cm2 1625 1164
Injection Capacity cm3 34 47
Max. Injection Weight(PVC) gr 39 55
oz 1.4 1.9
Injection Rate cc/s 28 39
Screw Rotation Speed r.p.m 0~150
Screw Stroke mm 90
Nozzle Stroke mm   120
Nozzle Contact Force tf   2.4
Clamping System ---- Hydraulic
Clamping Force tf 15
Clamping Stroke mm 200
Max. Mould Space mm 240
Min. Mould Height mm 40
Overall Size Of Platens (H x V) mm ---
Space Between Columns (H x V) mm 310 Double Column
Hydraulic Ejector Force tf 0.7
Ejector Stroke mm 28
Drive Motor kw 2.2(3HP)
Heater kw 2
Dimension of Machine (L x W x H) m 1.2 x 0.9 x 2.3
Weight of Machine t 0.6
Shipping Size (L x W x H) m 1.4 x 1.1 x 2.25
Shipping Weight t 0.75
Oil Tank Capacity l 90
Cooling Water l/hr 400~600
*Figures shoen herein are subject to changs without notice.
*Screw and clamping force can be design as customer's request.


  • Vertical clamping / vertical injection, suitable for general electrical plugs, electronic components and other small insert molding.
  • Two (three stages) temperature control / injection speed / non-stage adjustment of back pressure, etc., more suitable for parts molding of precision plastic.
  • The fast lock mold/low pressure idling speed closes the mold, locks the mold exceptionally when then automatic tight open the mold. This special safe design, and so on can get up the protective function to the mold.
  • Quick mold locking / low pressure low speed to mold lock, a special safety design to protect the mold.
  • Lower mold fixing/upper mold movable; with fine positioning for molding piece in mold. The device is equipped with hydraulic ejector for easy removal of the product.
  • Electric-control fittings / hydraulic fittings using domestic brands in precision, durability and low noise. The Clamping force is 15TON ~ 35TON with PLC programming electric-control
    computer in single- comparison- pressure control or computer in full ratio (compare voltage; compare current);there are three options available to customers.
  • A single sliding mold 1S and a double sliding mold 2S can be added, enabling the operation to be more efficient and safer in production.

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