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  V 2S 3R
Screw Diameter mm
42 55
Injection Pressure kgf/cm2
2000 1161
Injection Capacity cm3
276 474
Max. Injection Weight(P.S) gr
249 427
8.7 15
Injection Rate cm3/sec
109 187
Screw Rotation Speed r.p.m 0~150
Clamping Force tf 160
Clamping Stroke mm 300
Max. Open Distance mm 550
Min.Mold Height mm 250
Dimension of tie bar (H x V) mm 580x580  
Hydraulic Ejectior Force tf 4.3
Ejector Stroke mm 125 125 125
Nozzle Center Height mm min125 / max175
From The Mold Center to The Nozzle mm min150
Slide stroke mm
Slide dimension mm   1190 x 540  
Rotary Diameter mm     Φ1350
Drive Motor kw (hp) 18.7(25) 18.7+2.2(25+3)
Heater kw 11.5
Oil Tank Capacity L 400
Dimension of Machine
(L x W x H)
L(m) 4.5 4.5 4.9
W(m) 1.4 2.3 1.7
H(m) 3.5 3.7 3.8
Weight of Machine T 10 11.5 13.0
*Figures shoen herein are subject to changs without notice.
*Screw and clamping force can be design as customer's request.

YT Series

  • Fixed mold (V) and the two sliding mold (2S) adopts four-column vertical pressure clamping for horizontal injection. Strong mechanical structure allows greater endurance for clamping force up to 500 ~ 800TON.
  • Standard disc is vertical 3-column vertical pressure clamping. The two station design is for horizontal injection.
  • With special needs, 4-columns vertical pressure clamping is available with the disc mold stations at 3 to 4.
  • The nozzle can be adjusted in height level, easily for center level correction of mold feed into make mold design more convenient.
  • Injection is smooth and powerful, suitable for forming larger fitting pieces. With a special L / D aspect ratio of the injection screw, it is more suitable for engineering plastics.
  • Scalable computer programs, automatically removing, embedded devices, and other connections allow fully automatic operation of the whole machine.
  • ─Two sliding molds (2S) ─ (alternating dual sliding molds): One mold is in injection molding and the other is outside for removing and placing mosaic pieces. Operation safety and production efficiency is high.
  • ─Round disc (R) ─ alternatively rotating back and forth at 180 ° horizontally to allow users to operate in a fixed plane for retrieval and inserting pieces. This makes the work more convenient.

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