YT Series

Car Hemming Making Machine

Product Feature
  • Vertical clamping, horizontal injection, and large spaces between posts with strong structure. Easy to disassemble large molds.
  • Bar-less Design: Embedded retrievable sliding board design, thereby eliminating space limitations caused by bars, and making it suitable for large embedding and usage in conjunction with models which allow for automation.
  • Large-Scale Models: Super-large vertical models with multiple functions integrated that take up less space with more than twice the production capacity of German models.
  • Customization: Vertical clamping horizontal injection, vertical clamping vertical injection, or dual mode-lock with single injection all manufacturable at the convenience of the client. This model can be used with bar, bar-less, single-colored, double-colored, single-cavity, and multiple-cavity models.


  • Automation: Saving around 10 personnel labor costs per production line, making unmanned factories a reality.
  • Intelligent Production: Through in-mold surveillance systems, injection close-circuit systems, and central management systems, computer integration is achieved.
  • High Precision: Tolerance demand of ±1 gram per 1,000.
  • Energy-Saving: In conjunction with energy management servers, power, water, and energy are saved, reducing plant temperature and raising equipment longevity.
  • High Injection Speed: Providing more production capacity and satisfying product-specific needs.